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As a real estate agent, it always amazes me why and how some people today choose Boston real estate agents to market their homes. For the majority of us, a real estate purchase is. When it is time to capitalize on this investment home sellers are too casual and have standards for the individual they decide to manage the sale of the property. I can mention many examples of bad decision making in regards to home-sellers picking a real estate agent, however there is. I received a call from a girl about six months ago who asked me to perform a comparable market analysis CMA of her Boston condo. I gladly obliged and confirmed that an opportunity to meet up with her and also to tour her house. The CMA process entails an in-depth presentation that is listing market research and also a first tour of the subject real estate. After seeing the house fulfilling the customer, doing the research and introducing my account, I was sure her house would be listed by this girl.

She revealed to me that she would interviewed five additional Boston realtors and that she had been by far most impressed with my demo as well as me. She mentioned my track record selling boston real estate and boston condos, and my understanding of agent Leads University, along with my professionalism as the motives she seen me as the real estate agent to market her dwelling. She also divulged to me that my support cost was equal to the five additional representatives she interviewed thus cost was not an apology I would need to conquer. After giving her forty-eight hours to examine her choices I obviously sent her a thank you card for considering my solutions, I followed up with a telephone call to find out whether she had some questions that are outstanding. She explained that she would made a decision to record her house with a buddy, who’s also her hairdresser, also sells real estate part at a suburb of boston. My shock came in the simple fact that she made a decision to record her property using an agent, a person who had understanding of the Boston real estate industry. However, what really blew me away was her choice to record her house with a buddy, who had complete real estate expertise, but that works at real estate and had never sold a property. Her precise words were she is a really wonderful man and I would love to assist her jumpstart her real estate career.

She had made her choice and the final thing I was planning to do would be to disqualify her buddy as a competent real estate agent, so I wished her the very best of luck and informed her that I would try my best to collaborate with her buddy to market the unit. She realized my professionalism and thanked me. What I actually wanted to ask her was this when I told you that you had $150,000 to spend, that is about what she stood to gain from the sale of her residence, along with your buddy, who’s also your hairdresser, called you and told me that she only started selling shares part-time and she wanted you to commit your money with her.