Samsung galaxy s9 android phones attributes

Samsung galaxy s has been published in July 2010 and it is been among the most powerful android mobiles till today. Samsung galaxy s runs on the android 2.1 operating system and its characteristics and specifications are amazing as they are. The Samsung galaxy features a 4 inch super amole display distinct from ordinary amole, a chip having 1 GHz speed, a 5 mp camera that produces high definition recording and is the first mobile to have the smart life up. I was dumbstruck when I had my phone first on my hand. It was an exhilarating feeling I had. The Samsung galaxy s was so thin and has been less in weight when compared to all other smart phones. This is due to the super amole display technology, where the touch sensors are placed upon the screen itself when compared to the old version Samsung mobiles which had the detectors placed on a different layer over the display. The images and the multimedia functions of the phone give high quality experience.

Samsung galaxy

Just imagine playing games, watching videos and other multimedia applications on the 4 inch screen will provide you great deal of entertainment on the move. This Samsung galaxy lets you play HD videos and all types of video formats. The dimension of this phone is 64.2 x 122.4 x 9.9 mm and it weighs 119 g only. It has multiple house widgets and displays for you to have a fast access on various functions and to perform multipurpose. This handset has got the 3g technology which enables you to perform 3g video calling and has got hula 900/1900/2100, edge/GPRS 850/ 900/1800/1900 network supportability which lets you to enjoy the data link services. The smart life user interface of this galaxy s gives you new ways to enjoy the social media like face twitter and book. Exactly like the touch wiz up of additional android phones and windows mobiles, smart life can also be more receptive to consumer touches.

Exactly like all other top mobile producers, Samsung has also developed its own social media attributes for this particular mobile device. The social hub deals with your text and fb messages with the same up. Smart life has another attribute named daily briefing, which will keep you updated about the things happening around you like weather reports, latest news, and ulna media sharing and smart alarm. Though this has got only touch screen keypad, it was really easy for me to type text messages and confronts book messages. The layer reality browser at theĀ Samsung S9 will supply you with a great deal of augmented reality contents and also various other location-based services Google goggles. Dependent on the memory space which you need for storing your multimedia content you can find an 8 GB model or a 16 GB model and it can be extended up to 16 GB using micros card.